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National Honor Society

NHS Sponsors
Ginger Sheets 
Calli Young 


Academic Team

Academic Team Sponsor
James Cooksey



Art Teacher
Shaun Crawford



Band Director
Arthur Bohlmann


Student Council

Council Sponsor
Ty McBride



Choir Director
Melinda McGlasson



FFA Teacher
Jimmy Crosby



Yearbook Teacher
Season McBride
2019 Yearbooks are in!! If you ordered one, but haven't received it yet, please contact Mrs. McBride at the school.
Texas and Oklahoma side Parents and Students,
Mrs. McBride needs your help. She needs pictures to fill the yearbook in place of the pictures that she will be unable to take due to the COVID-19 Virus.  Some ideas she has are:
"What I would have worn to Prom" (Send pictures of you in your prom attire.)
Sibling Pictures 
Homeschool pictures 
Something funny to do with toilet paper
A sentence or two about how the COVID-19 Virus has impacted your life. 
COVID-19 Virus Playlist (Songs that have names that embrace social distancing or the virus itself. Example: "Don't Stand So Close To Me" and "Down With the Sickness")
Any other ideas are appreciated. Please send pictures to Mrs. McBride via email ([email protected]) or text message (928 925-1140).



Technology Teacher
Audrey Marshall