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Do you have yearbook photos to share?!?

Texhoma Yearbook has BIG News!

LifeTouch has added a feature that enables community members to add pictures to the yearbook. Here is how it works.

Click this URL: https://community.lifetouch.com/invite?code=TEXHOMA61-23
Enter your e-mail address
Create an account (first name, last name, and password… email should be visible above the rest of the information)
Enter the invite code TEXHOMA61-23
Now, you can upload pictures!

Need to know information:
You can only upload 50 images at a time.
You must tag the picture. If you click on “select tags,” drop down options appear with tags. Please select the ones that apply. This keeps the pictures organized.
Click “begin upload.”
Once done, click “done.”
Thank you for adding pictures for us to use. If there is not a tag option that applies to your pictures, please contact Mrs. McBride. She can add a tag.
Do you have yearbook photos to share?!? Featured Photo

Bus Transportation Safety

Oklahoma requires motorists from either direction to STOP for the loading and unloading of children.
Bus Transportation Safety Featured Photo



The mission of the Texhoma Public Schools is to foster personal characteristics in our students that include not only the accumulation of knowledge and development of skills, but also the development of attitudes, ideals and understandings that are commensurate with a moral and democratic society. To accomplish this, the school will offer a curriculum with co-curricular activities that meets the needs of the students and provides for a “Student Centered” instructional atmosphere that will give each student the opportunity to achieve his or her potential to master the “Oklahoma Academic Standards”.